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Event Lighting & Decor

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Event Lighting & Decor

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Event Lighting & Decor

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Event Lighting & Decor

Lighting helps define the look and feel of any event. The entertainment specialists at Tommy Gatz Entertainment understand how effectively event lighting can establish the mood and define a space at any event in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia. Effective lighting is not only a matter of having the right equipment, it is also knowing how to best use it to accomplish the effect the client wants, whether it's romantic, dramatic, playful, subtle, or hard-core partying. 

The talented lighting technicians from Tommy Gratz Entertainment are knowledgeable, easy-to-work-with, and flexible. We will make adjustments on-site as needed to help you get the most out of your event space. We offer a complete range of lighting options, including:

Up Lighting

Uplighting adds color and depth to your events space, complementing the colors you have chosen for your decor and adding a spectacular "WOW" factor, like painting the walls with a magical effect. Our lighting experts will place up-lighting fixtures at strategic spots throughout your location to create a "look" that reflects you or your company's personality and the theme of the event. Up lighting can transform any venue into a magical, exciting or romantic environment.

Truss Lighting

Truss lighting inspires the feeling of nightclub or concert style flashing LED party lights. Tommy Gatz Entertainment has a variety of truss lighting, including state-of-the-art scanners, lasers, and many more. If you want, fog or haze can be used to enhance the lighting of your event. Our lights are mounted on an aluminum truss system, which can add an "industrial" or "techno" feel to your event and increase the party mood of your guests as they dance and have fun.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting. One of the hottest event trends today, intelligent lighting adds flair and excitement to your dance floor. Our state-of-the-art intelligent lighting will attract the party goers to your dance floor throughout your event. Our expert party lighting technicians will program your lighting to change colors to accent the music on the dance floor. Your guests will thrive on the enhanced energy brought on by the lighting. Or, if you prefer, we can program the lighting to provide a more elegant, slower-moving atmosphere, to add a feeling of old-school class to your event. You can choose what will work best for your event, and our technicians will arrive well in advance to program the effects just as you want them. Our moving, intelligent lights are placed on top of totem towers. The towers are then wrapped with a white silk draping to give the effect of a column. The moving heads of the intelligent lights can show different forms like spotlights, club lights, or monogram lighting the entire venue.

Monogram Lighting

 Another way to add a "WOW" factor to your event, the monogram is projected and shines on a major wall or dance floor, adding a name or logo in lights to complement the mood of your event. This customized monogram design creates a focal point for your event, and sends a message to all your guests. Tommy Gatz Entertainment will design any custom monogram to match your wants or needs.

Step & Repeat Custom Backdrop or Customized Photo Booth

Bring a Hollywood Carpet feeling to your event. Tommy Gatz Entertainment offers a Custom Step and Repeat back drop and enhances your look with a 15 'x 4 ' Red Carpet Entrance. If you want your guests to feel like celebrities this is something to consider for your event. Our live photographer will take photos of your guests on site and offer a 4 x 6 printed photo.

Tommy Gatz Entertainment offers an elegant photo booth which has a real 10' x10’ back drop and live photographer taking your guest's photos at your event. Tommy Gatz Entertainment has commercial printers to print photos taken on site and immediately give your guests a 4 x 6 color photo. A nice favor and memory of your Event. 

Multimedia TV Screens

Photo Montages – No matter what kind of event you are planning, there is always room to retell a story through photos for all your guests to view. You may also want to give a corporate presentation to thank your sponsors or acknowledge sports athletes and their accomplishments. Whatever the occasion, Tommy Gatz Entertainment's set-up and presentation is over the top and your guests will be buzzing about it for years after the event has finished.

Tommy Gatz Entertainment will ask you for up to 25 photos, of your choice. Then we create a beautiful montage, which will be viewed by all your guests during your event. We will also use this feature to display any photos of your choice during parent dances, special speeches, fundraisers, auctions, graduation or Sweet Sixteen parties and sports banquets.

Lighting for Corporate Events

Corporate events can be a great way to advance your corporate mission, whether it is to promote your products or services, raise awareness or contributions for a favorite charity, or reward and celebrate the accomplishments of your employees. Tommy Gatz Entertainment can provide lighting design that will enhance or transform your event space. From Black Tie Balls to Product Launches, from Fashion Shows to Employee Parties, we can provide lighting that will amplify any kind of special corporate event. 

Lighting for Private Parties

Wherever you're having your party in a ballroom, an entertainment venue, or even your backyard, our lighting designers can transform the environment into something memorable and exciting. Adding color to your party lights will make your party even more special and fun. If you're doing an event in your yard, outdoor party lighting will transform your everyday world into a flamboyantly memorable party venue. Whether you're having a notable birthday party, and lifetime milestone event, or just a "let's party down" celebration, Tommy Gatz Entertainment will create an aura of fun and excitement. 

Lighting for Weddings

Wedding lighting is one of the things that requires a professional touch. Uplighting a wedding reception venue can transform it from a party or banquet hall to a magical place where your fondest romantic dreams can come true. Our lighting professionals will show you how wedding uplighting, pin spotting, and other types of custom lighting effects will add a special touch of awe to your wondrous day. 

Whatever kind of special event you are planning, fill out our online contact form, or call us at (410) 349-2234, to see how Tommy Gatz Entertainment can light the way to a successful event.