Our Formula

Award Winning DJs & Coordinators + Award Winning Lighting & Decor + Award Winning Photography & Cinematography = ONE PERFECT EVENT

Tommy Gatz Entertainment developed this formula to create a cohesive unit in order to facilitate a flawless event experience for all. When planning an event and hiring professionals for entertainment, the options are staggering. Other entertainment companies use their DJs to fill many roles, such as the contact person, the master of ceremony, the person who will set up event lights and audio, the entertainer and the problem solver. Tommy Gatz Entertainment understands the importance of each member of our team and the role they carry in executing your event. This is why we have revolutionized the industry and developed our strategic formula, which provides you with a complimentary Day of Entertainment Coordinator to serve as a main contact person and to direct your event so the DJ or venue coordinator does not have to. This allows your DJ to concentrate on your entertainment and your venue coordinator to concentrate on the facility.

Tommy Gatz Entertainment is the ONLY entertainment company that provides this complimentary Day of Entertainment Coordinator for all of the services, which has been proven to separate us from the rest.

Tommy Gatz Entertainment’s award winning motto is everyone works best in their own role and when you hire Tommy Gatz Entertainment you will have a full staff of professionals working at your event.

Depending on the different services you select, Professional DJ,  a Master of Ceremony, Lighting and Sound Technicians, Professional Photographers and Cinematographer and venue coordinator to ensure the best quality service is given for each component of your event.  The coordinator allows for each professional to do what they do best, our Day of Entertainment Coordinator manages and directs all of the professionals on your day.