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Wedding DJ Annapolis Maryland


It takes the right kind of people to make it all come together.

We understand that your event does not just happen; it takes planning, communication and execution.

Wedding DJ Annapolis Maryland

When you're searching for a wedding DJ in Annapolis, you might now have realized how difficult a task that can be. You want someone who is a performer and not just a playlist off someone's iPod. At Tommy Gatz Entertainment, you will find a DJ, who understands the nuances required to perform well and give the wedding couple and guest a truly enjoyable evening.


Let the Music Play

The equipment a "Real DJ" uses is as important as the music he or she plays. Passionate and personable, this professional knows how to:

  • Adjust the tempo and mood for any audience
  • Lift the level of the guests' enjoyment
  • Use timing to help transition the mood
  • Keep the wedding guests happy

The DJs at Tommy Gatz Entertainment have a unique ability to make just about anyone get up and dance. With an extensive knowledge of all music genres and eras, our clients love how these professional DJs have honed their craft. They know that the music and the man or woman playing it is without a doubt an essential part of the event's success.

Meet with an Event Planner from Tommy Gatz Entertainment

Before any reservations are completed, Tommy Gatz Entertainment's clients meet with an event planner. Each part of the wedding and reception is considered, from the ceremony to the reception. Different aspects of the event can easily be handled by Tommy Gatz Entertainment, including:

Your complimentary event planner will understand how to seamlessly meld the professionals with Tommy Gatz Entertainment with other vendors as well. We are known for our superior service, including what their clients do and do not like. An incredible attention to detail and unlimited consultation with our event planner will provide our clients with a custom tailored experience certain to bring a couple's dreams to fruition.

DJs Aren't Just for Weddings

Many corporate and school events include a DJ. The same group of songs certainly does not work for all events. Understanding their likes and dislikes, which is what the event planner will also help find out, as well as what tone is wanted for the event, can help the DJ tremendously. Tommy Gatz Entertainment wants to ensure that your event is the best it can be, with outstanding event lighting and décor, the DJ and the photography. They want to bring to life your unique vision for the event, as well as helping to keep the stress as minimal possible. You can trust the high quality of services and the professional staff to turn your event into a celebration you simply cannot forget.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Tommy Gatz Entertainment

Tommy Gatz Entertainment would like to show you what your event can look like. For a 2-hour complimentary in-studio and showroom consultation, call (410) 349-2234. You can learn more about what we offer, and you will have a chance to explain what you want and how we can achieve those goals. Your wedding day promises to be the memorable experience you have been expecting all your life.

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