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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You have combined four different services into one entertainment company, why? 

We have found that working with one cohesive unit is beneficial to our clients.  Offering DJ Music, Event Lighting, Photography and Videography in one place ensures that your wishes and vision are carried out flawlessly.

Is your company a middle man for all the services you offer? 

No.  We have a dedicated staff that works under our umbrella to provide our services.  Each team member facilitates a specific role in order to maximize your budget and the performance of our team.

Do you have a physical location?  Where will we meet for our interview and planning meetings? 

We have a studio and showroom located in Annapolis, Maryland where you will meet for your interview and all planning sessions and demonstrations.

You advertise “One Team Of Professionals… One Perfect Event!”  What does that mean?

We offer an award winning team who individually specialize in their respective fields.  We provide a high quality of service in each category of service we offer by only employing the best of the best!

Do you offer discounts off of the services you provide?

We have several different packages that combine each of our services in order to work within the confines of your budget.  When combining services (DJ, Lighting, Photography & Videography) under our umbrella we are able to offer a better ‘per service price’ than if you were to hire four individual companies.

What kind of equipment do you use?

All of our equipment is state of the art and is owned outright.  We are able to provide full DJ equipment, Lighting equipment and Photography/Videography equipment to work with any size event.

You say you have high quality customer service, what does that mean?

We are a full time company, that is able to assist you from first contact through your event and beyond.  We have a staff of dedicated and experienced individuals to work with during your planning and post event process.

What if I wanted to hire you for two out of the four services you offer.  Will you be able to work with my other vendors?

Yes. We have worked with hundreds of industry professionals are have excellent working relationships within the events community.

Have you provided entertainment for multi-cultural event?

We have provided events and wedding for Hispanic, Greek, Indian, Jewish, Catholic, Christian and more.  We work directly with you throughout the planning process to integrate any special needs be it cultural or beyond in order to facilitate your vision for your event.  This is your special day and anything we can do to make it perfect is our mission!

Do you carry professional insurance for your team and services.

Yes we do, and it is our recommendation that you should never hire a company who does not.

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