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Wedding Photography Rockville MD

It takes the right kind of people to make it all come together.

We understand that your event does not just happen; it takes planning, communication and execution.

Wedding Photography Company Rockville MD

Tommy Gatz Entertainment offers over 20 years of combined experience in wedding and special event planning. Anyone looking for a photographer in Rockville MD for their wedding should see what a professional photographer from Tommy Gatz Entertainment can do. Our photography professionals are all talented artists who will capture the significant moments of your special day in a way that will provide cherished memories for years to come. Every wedding is different and offers unique opportunities and challenges for a photographer. Our photographers are committed to providing artistic photographs while treating you and all of your guests with the type of professionalism and customer service that you would expect from a company dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

Wedding Photography

At Tommy Gatz Entertainment, we are proud that our award-winning photographers can capture amazing images that will preserve your memories of this special day. Our talented photographers in Rockville, MD, will record the events of your wedding day in photographs that will be treasured and enjoyed for decades.

Here at Tommy Gatz Entertainment, we offer a wide array of event planning services, but we are most proud of our reputation for helping couples preserve their wedding memories. We know that you are entrusting us to preserve your recollections of the most special moments of the most special day of your lives, and we will do all that we can to ensure that your trust in us is fulfilled. Our photographers and all our staff are devoted to helping you make your wedding day dreams become reality.

Why Use a Professional Photographer?

Some couples consider, or are advised, to rely on a friend or relative instead of a professional Rockville photographer. Perhaps a friend or relative has even offered to take the photos of your wedding for free. These suggestions are always offered with the best of intentions, and with all the expenses of a wedding and reception, they can seem very inviting. However, there can be many problems in relying on a friend or relative, even if they have been shooting photographs for years or have done some good portrait or wildlife and nature study photos. Wedding photography is very challenging. Emotions run high, there can be several things happening at once, some people take special effort to get good photos of them, and many other challenging things can occur that require the patience and skill of a professional. If it's a friend or relative, what happens if they are involved in a conversation with someone, "just for a minute," and miss an important event? If they are not a professional, what happens if they have an unforeseen technical problem and have no backup strategy.

The most important thing any friend or relative can do for you on your wedding day is play an active role in making your dream day a joyful experience. Let them help you make treasured memories, and let a professional from Tommy Gatz Entertainment preserve those memories.


What's Your Style?

When you're considering the photography for your wedding, you may have a particular approach or style to that photography in mind. At Tommy Gatz Entertainment, we have brought together some of the finest photographers who specialize in different specialties to work with our team. Some of the types of photography in Rockville MD, that you might want to consider are:

Portraiture. This is what most people first think of when they think of wedding photography. This includes the classic posed shots of the couple, family, and friends. Of course, it's not all stiff and formal, and there are still chances for fun and creativity.

Fine Art. Somewhat similar to Portraiture, Fine Art wedding photographs add the photographers artistic vision to the photos. They may be grainier, or dreamier, or involve unusual focus.

Documentary. Instead of the more formal, posed photos, these are more candid or spontaneous, and may include more "fun" or "caught in the act" moments.

Edgy or Bold. Moving even beyond the Fine Art approach, this style may feature unusual, tilted angles, and unconventional framing.

Contact Tommy Gatz Entertainment

Many photographers can do a mixture of these styles, so talk with your Tommy Gatz Entertainment Planner to select the right professional for your wedding. You can call 410-349-2234 or fill out our contact form!

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