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Patrick and Ashley’s Wedding


 Ashley and Patrick’s Wedding – Davidsonville, MD
Services Provided: Photography, DJ services, Wedding Planning and Coordinating

When my Wife and I were looking for wedding vendors for our wedding we went to an Expo in Baltimore and immediately fell in love with Tommy Gatz Entertainment. We compared the services, customer ratings, and prices of many companies and at the end of the day no other company could compare to what Tommy Gatz Entertainment had to offer. Honestly, we were amazed from the beginning at the arrangement Tommy Gatz had at the Expo and we knew we were going with him for our wedding. My wife and I have been married for almost two months now and we have received numerous compliments on the DJ and photographer we had for our wedding. We got our pictures very fast and are actually having trouble picking which pictures to frame because there are just so many great pictures! Our wedding was just the perfect day and it is all thanks to Tommy Gatz Entertainment. Having Valerie help us with the itinerary and ensuring that all of the required pictures got taken and helping us organize our wedding day was amazing because it took a lot off of our shoulders. Tommy was the best DJ and our dance floor was always filled. Our friends and family had an amazing time and Tommy really knew how to “engage” (pun intended) them and play music that kept them dancing all night. Looking back on our wedding day I can honestly say that going with Tommy Gatz Entertainment was one of the best decisions that we made and it was a day that we will never forget.

Thank you Tommy and TGE Team!

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