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TGE Client Rewarded with Fashion Show

Indian Creek Student Lobbies For Tommy Gatz Entertainment to perform at highschool Homecoming and she is rewarded with being apart of fashion show.

client-fashion-showThis summer I received a direct message on twitter asking how much my services would cost for a homecoming dance. This message came from a junior at Indian Creek High School, Katie Hamill. Katie is the president of SGA at her school and pushed so hard for Tommy Gatz Entertainment to perform at her high school dance. The school changed their budget just to hire Tommy Gatz Entertainment. We were thrilled to sign the contract with Indian Creek High School and to start to build a relationship with this school.

An Interest In Fashion

IMG_3536-40Once we set up homecoming my event coordinator had a chance to speak to Katie and learn that she was a student that is very interested in fashion. When I heard this I instantly thought of the fashion show my company would be sponsoring the entertainment part on January 13, 2013 for the What’s Up Magazine, Bridal Show and as a way to repay Katie for her support of my company I asked if she would like to help and be apart of the production side of the fashion show that day. Her answer was an enthusiastic “Yes”.

I have had the chance to get to know Katie even further and I would like to tell you some things about this very special young woman. Katie has been a student at Indian Creek since kindergarten and currently maintains a 3.7 gpa, she is the president of her class, the secretary of the Spanish honor society, in conjunction with being a member of the national honor society. But the list of accomplishments do not stop there she is a student tour guide for parents and students and a student panelist for parents. Also, Katie has attended multiple diversity conferences and had the privilege of attending Student Diversity Leadership Conference last year.

“I’ve had the chance to get to know Katie even further, and she is a very special young woman.”

A True Role Model

IMG_3515-29You would think with such a busy schedule she could not have anymore time for other activities but it is quiet the opposite she has also been an intern at Nordstroms for two years, which fits her interests for fashion and also in public relations. This is what she plans to pursue in college and as a career. She has a duel citizenship in Ireland, which has influenced her to want to go to school in Ireland to spend more time with my family and to learn about life in another country. She has worked as a hostess at Buddy’s Crabs and Ribs in downtown Annapolis for a year and a half. Katie is apart of the Cross Country team at school and enjoys working out and running.

Katie is a truly ambitious young women who is a role model for all her peers as well as adults. Her work ethic and drive should be admired and commended. She is a bright star that will shine bright as she grows older and adds to her already remarkable resume. I am very honored to have Katie as a fan and supporter of what I do as an entertainer and businessman, and I have no doubt that one-day Katie will be designing some of the t shirts and fashions for my companies line. I am happy to award Katie the opportunity to learn with my company and give her another experience with something she is passionate about.

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