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It takes the right kind of people to make it all come together.

We understand that your event does not just happen; it takes planning, communication and execution.


If you ask what is the difference between videography and cinematography, we have a simple answer for you. Videography is meant to capture an event, in its entirety, from beginning to end. Cinematography is about storytelling. Tommy Gatz Entertainment's approach is to create a motion picture style video that captures and tells your story. Our cinematographers deliver exceptional visuals, through an artful presentation, and create a Hollywood style movie to reinforce the narrative of your Wedding, Corporate or Social Event.

Tommy Gatz Entertainment believes that cinematography is an investment, a keepsake, capturing the biggest moments to the finest details of your day. Hiring an experienced and innovative cinematographer is one of the most important decisions that you can make when planning your Wedding, Corporate or Social Event. The ability to capture all of the memorable and treasured moments will allow you to share them with your family, friends, guests and clients for years to come.

Our Award-Winning Cinematographers are filmmakers; students of film; audio engineers; lighting and color theory experts; and artful and experienced editors. They will take all of the moments of your Wedding, Corporate or Social Event and showcase an unforgettable story for you to remember and share.

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