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Wedding Photography Potomac, MD

It takes the right kind of people to make it all come together.

We understand that your event does not just happen; it takes planning, communication and execution.

Wedding Photography Potomac, MD

Can you imagine celebrating your marriage with an extravagant wedding ceremony and not having any high-quality pictures to capture the event in all its magic?  Sadly, this is the case for many Potomac locals who tie the knot.  A growing number of people are hiring amateur photographers or simply asking relatives and friends to take photos of the big day with their smartphones.  The results of the photography are evident in the low quality of the images.  You deserve only the best with everything associated with your big day – pictures included.

An Eye For The Perfect Shot

When it comes to photography, the subtleties matter a great deal.  You need a talented and experienced wedding photographer who has an eye for capturing everlasting beauty.  Compare our professional wedding photographs to those taken by amateurs and even other supposedly professional Potomac photography services, and you will notice a considerable difference in quality.  Our photographers have the best cameras, lighting, and most importantly, extensive wedding experience.  We will capture your big day from several different angles with varied lighting so that you will have a variety of photographs that truly display the love and happiness during your wedding.

Freezing That Special Moment In Time

Wedding photography is centered on the challenge of capturing this once in a lifetime moment in an artful manner.  Even the slightest mistake can ruin an otherwise perfect photograph.  Our Potomac wedding photographers understand just how difficult it is to capture the essence of a wedding day and have the experience and knowledge to overcome these challenges.  Put your faith in our team and you will be thrilled with our pictures.  In fact, we are flexible and will accommodate special requests and preferences to ensure every single client is more than satisfied with their wedding photos.  Simply tell us what you want in your wedding photos and we will bring your visions to life.


Contact Tommy Gatz Entertainment For Your Wedding Photos

Are you planning a wedding or thinking about tying the knot? Allow our Potomac wedding photographers to preserve this moment in the form of absolutely flawless pictures. Give us a call at 410-349-2234 to find out more about our wedding photographers.  You can also reach us on the web through our convenient online contact form.

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