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When President Obama Crashed Cara and Sander’s Wedding

Do you remember reading on Cara and Sander’s blog post about how they had a special wedding crasher? We’re going to give you the rundown of how that came to be!

When Tommy Gatz Entertainment arrived at Renditions Golf Course, we were stopped by a handful of men in dark suits who turned out to be someone’s security escort. They had the entrance to the course barricaded by police and their canines. Snipers and men in military uniforms also surrounded us as we got out of the car to find out who was in charge.

We pride ourselves with our calm demeanor in even the most stressful situations but this was a bit over the top. Naturally, our first question was, “Is there someone important here?” They responded with “I guess you could say that.”

We explained our situation and that Tommy Gatz Entertainment needed to enter the premises so we could set up for a wedding. We were cleared to enter the venue yet still had no idea what was going on until the venue coordinator informed us that the President of the United States, President Obama was currently playing on the golf course.

Once Cara and Sander arrived, we told them the news. They were absolutely astonished. Aside from this huge detail, we still had a schedule to stick to for the wedding so we continued on with our duties of providing DJ music, lighting, candid photography and day-of coordination. Around 4:30 p.m., DJ Tommy Gatz noticed that the entourage of black SUVs were starting to line up in the parking area. He had a hunch that President Obama was finishing his round of golf, so Tommy instructed his assistant to gather the bride and groom and bring them outside. With Cara and Sander in tow, he asked Secret Service if the President was willing to take a photo with the bride and groom.

Mr. President appeared shortly after and was kind enough to shake the hands of the bride, groom, Tommy Gatz Entertainment staff and pose for photos.

The wedding was so unique that a national news outlet actually wrote about it. The event will forever be a day to remember in not only the history of Tommy Gatz Entertainment but in the lives of our clients Cara and Sander!

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