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Viona and Kevin’s Engagement Photo Session at Joppatowne High School

Viona and Kevin’s engagement session is special for the couple in a number of different ways. The session took place at Joppatowne High School where the couple first met. Both Viona and Kevin ran track, Kevin also played football, and this is where their relationship started. As they friendship continued to grow, they also found out that they had other things in common, including a love of football and the Pittsburgh Steelers. So for their engagement session the couple decided to return to Joppatowne High where the track meet of their lives first begun. Not only does the place hold significance for the couple, but their outfits do as well. The jerseys they are wearing show their love of the Steelers, and also hold a special meaning for the couple. Both Viona and Kevin are wearing a Harris jersey, which will be their married name. Later in the photo session, Kevin is wearing number “91” for September 1 and Viona had number “19” for 2019, their wedding date. We look forward to celebrating with the couple on 9-1-19 as the first heat of their life track meet will end as they cross the finish line and become husband and wife.

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