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Our Formula

Our Formula

Award-Winning Professional Photography & Cinematography + Award-Winning DJ Services + Award-Winning Event Planning & Coordinating + Award Winning Lighting & Decor = ONE PERFECT EVENT

Tommy Gatz Entertainment developed this formula to create a cohesive unit to facilitate a flawless event experience for all. When planning your event, and hiring professionals, the options are staggering. Our formula of combining multiple award-winning services, with a team of professionals, under one umbrella has set us apart from other wedding and event production companies. Our award-winning coordinators direct our team of professionals, before and during your event, to ensure we provide the highest caliber of service to our clients. Tommy Gatz Entertainment's Coordinators are trained to organize and keep each of the professionals on our team in their specific role has become a key component of our formula. Tommy Gatz Entertainment is the ONLY wedding and event production company, in the area, to provide coordinators to accompany the services our clients book for their event. This has proven to separate us from the rest. Tommy Gatz Entertainment understands the importance of each member of our team and the role they represent for your event. Therefore, we have revolutionized the industry and developed our strategic formula and assembled our Award-Winning services and team of professionals to offer our clients the upmost quality service.

Tommy Gatz Entertainment’s award winning motto is everyone works best in their own role and when you hire Tommy Gatz Entertainment you will have a full staff of professionals working at your event.

Depending on the different services you select, Professional DJ,  a Master of Ceremony, Lighting and Sound Technicians, Professional Photographers and Cinematographer and venue coordinator to ensure the best quality service is given for each component of your event.  The coordinator allows for each professional to do what they do best, our Day of Entertainment Coordinator manages and directs all of the professionals on your day.

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