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A Performance, Not a Playlist

We like to say we help “create everlasting moments” at the events where we perform. And we believe our performance is a big part of making that statement a reality for our clients. When it comes to hiring a company to provide the music and other services for an event, there is an enormous difference between getting a performance and getting a playlist.

It has been said, you will know a professional DJ by the equipment they use. But its more than that. A real DJ is a performer, who knows how to use their equipment to meet the unique taste and style requirements of their client. A professional DJ will be personable, passionate, and know how to improvise or adjust the mood and tempo for any audience, lifting the level of enjoyment, energy, and satisfaction. We’ve proven more than once, we have the ability to make even the most difficult crowd get up and dance!

performance_vs_playlistA real DJ mixes live. Its just that simple. There are NO pre-mixed playlists in our DJ Music services. Anyone can press “play” on their iPod. But what you get with Tommy Gatz Entertainment is a professional DJ and staff with an extensive knowledge of all musical eras and genres. Virtually everything is at our fingertips, and we know how to play it. Music quality is important. Timing is important. Pace is important. Transitioning the mood is important. These are basic things, but only things a professional DJ can deliver. At Tommy Gatz Entertainment, we take our profession very seriously. And our clients can say without a doubt, our performances are an essential part of the success of their events, as we help them create everlasting moments.

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